“Forgive Me” available in 2015

If you’ve read through the first five books of the series, I’m sure you’ve got lots of unanswered questions. Don’t worry, book six is coming out this year. “But when?” you ask. Well, we’ll see. If book five’s ending caused you any suffering, I pray my post offers you some hope. The story is far from over, so be sure to keep checking in for more details and dates.

Final edits aren’t nearly ready yet, so I’ll hold off on excerpts for now. (Must. Resist. Urge.) “Forgive Me” promises to be full of thrills and surprises, but most importantly, full of hope for redemption, and, well, forgiveness. I’ll post more on that subject down the road. Until then…



2 thoughts on ““Forgive Me” available in 2015

  1. Elisheba Sutherland November 7, 2015 at 7:01 pm

    I absolutely love this series! I recently read Books 1 to 5 within a few days and it was all very very very exciting and some parts even breath taking. It was like I just could not have stopped reading! I also learned sooo much and my relationship with God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit has definitely grown. I love how this series presents real life situations, I love how the life of more than one teen is portrayed in your series, I really love that. I also love how their thoughts, their actions and how all their emotions are sooo strongly conveyed and presented. What I read in this series touched my heart in real ways. At some points tears were in my eyes and some happenings, some events shocked me so badly that I had to take some time to compose myself. It all felt very very real. You write so well. For Johnny I actually felt a hurt for him quite in my stomach. That was intense. I also love the biblical messages and the scriptures that you incorporated. I had to take notes cuz those messages are for life. I love how God transformed Martin’s and Max’s life in such a real way and I love how they are depending on God and striving to be true followers of Christ. I also really love Jennifer, I love that girl. The entire plot is just amazing and you are soooo talented and I thank you so much for sharing that talent that God gave you to spread the Word and to spread God’s love. I am 17 years old and I have read a lot of books in my life time so far but this series is different. The way God is included is what makes this series so different and so excellent all at the same time. In many of the books that I have read God has completely been left out and though what I was reading was very interesting and captivating it was just bland and lacking sooo much all at the same time. However when I found this series, and as I began to read I was like this is exactly the type of books that I have a true passion for reading. When I completed Book Five I was like there has to be more! Thank God there is actually more and I am excited!

  2. Thank you for your kind words. The series is far from over, though I have had a few delays that prevent me from completing book 5 this year. I want you to know your words were very encouraging and a much needed boost. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on the series!



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